Can the Seahawks bring the win home?

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  • Title : Can the Seahawks bring the win home?
Date: 15 Nov 2020  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 2.1  |  
Author: UltraMati  |   Category: US Sports  |   Value: /10


The wild phase of the season begins - especially in NFC West. Because with the Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams and 49ers, all teams in the division still have realistic playoff chances.


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The Seahawks are still in pole position as they lead the division by one victory. Now it's up to the Rams, to whom they lost four of their last five games.

My Tip is the Seahawks bring a home win at a odds for 2.1

But can you bet against Seattle at Russell Wilson's current form? That is not recommended, because even if the Hawks have already lost two games, these bankruptcies were not due to him.

We'll go into more detail below, but there should be an absolute 50:50 game on Sunday that will stand on the knife edge right through to the end. So with Rams vs. Seahawks actually bet the odds on Seattle better than on LA.

The game will kick off on Sunday evening at 10:25 p.m. The match can be followed live on DAZN. .