Ovi vs. Crosby - who will win the superstar duel?

Ovi vs. Crosby - who will win the superstar duel? Banner Image
  • Title : Ovi vs. Crosby - who will win the superstar duel?
Date: 26 Feb 2021  |   Stake: 100$  |   Odds: 2.45  |  
Author: UltraMati  |   Category: US Sports  |   Value: 7/10


The Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins, who actually meet for the sixth time since January, fill the six-pack on Thursday. So far, the two have played against each other in every third game, which is only possible thanks to the new division.


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However, there was no other duel more often this season. Since both teams in the East Division are only separated by a single point, the duel is a particularly exciting match-up.

The Capitals are considered the easy favorites, although they lost four of the previous five duels. But already a week ago they hit back after a bankruptcy two days earlier in the re-match.

It can often be seen this season that a two-game series ends in a draw, as the loser of Duel 1 appears a little more motivated in the next game. We expect it to be the same with Capitals vs. Penguins, where our forecast is therefore a close caps win.

Bonus Washington Capitals to WIN

Prediction over 6.5 score plus bonus Washington to win
Odds 2.45
Start Time 01:00 : 26-Feb-21
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