Sports Bonuses

With El Toro Bets, you do not only win big, you also win with ingenuity! With El Toro Bets, you can go for any or all of our sports bonuses! We not only offer some of the bets tips, news, and insights for sports, but we also want to make sure that with anything you do, you can make a little money on your side or get some insurance and soften the blow by the off chance that things do not go as expected.


Sports Bonuses

Our Review
  • Best USA Games
  • Collage Football and Basketball
  • live Bets with fast Cashout
Sports Bonuses 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Sales requirements: 1x
  • Lowest Odds: 1.10
  • Bonus Code: crypto100
Our Review
  • great overview
  • best for Europe User and rest
  • support many Languages
Sports Bonuses 100% Bonus
  • Sales requirements: 1x
  • Lowest Odds: 1.10
  • Bonus Code: new2020
Our Review
  • Best for EU better
  • from player for players
  • best live bets
Sports Bonuses Unibet best choose for Sport bets
  • Sales requirements: 4 times
  • Lowest Odds: 1.4
  • Bonus Code: noone
Our Review
  • most eSport Game
  • 10 free spins
  • 200$ welcome Bonus
Sports Bonuses eSport betting
  • Sales requirements: 4
  • Lowest Odds: 1.1
  • Bonus Code: nocode
Our Review
  • All Sports Availble
  • Best ads for USA sports
  • reload 25% bonus
Sports Bonuses 300$ Signup Bonus
  • Sales requirements: 1x
  • Lowest Odds: 1.10
  • Bonus Code: xbet25
Our Review
  • Great Overview
  • Allways odds boster
  • east to signup and manage
Sports Bonuses Bonus up to 125€
  • Sales requirements: 3 times
  • Lowest Odds: 1.2
  • Bonus Code: wellcomebetsson

What Sport Bonus we have for you :

These are a couple of our more famous bonuses:

Sign-Up Bonuses
As soon as you sign up, El Toro Bets will be giving you an instant bonus! We are incentivizing your sign up by giving you a bonus as soon as you do!

Deposit Match Bonuses
This bonus is pretty much free money! If you apply for this, it will credit the offered percentage of your total bet to your account! For example, we offer a 25% deposit match bonus to your $100 bet, if you avail, we will automatically credit $25 to your account! The currency used in the bet will be same currency credited to your account.

Other sports bonuses
We also offer a lot of other bonuses in El Toro Bets such as, Free Play Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, Sports-Specific Bonuses, and many more! Sign up now and find out!