Gündogan misses a penalty and hits twice: ManCity clearly beats Liverpool

  • Title : Gündogan misses a penalty and hits twice: ManCity clearly beats Liverpool
Date: 07 Feb 2021    


Manchester City won the top game at champions Liverpool with a clear 4-1 and made a big step towards the championship. The protagonists were Ilkay Gündogan and Alisson Becker.


The initial phase, in which ManCity was more on the ball, Thiago opened with a rude entry against Gündogan - who was able to continue playing after treatment on the field (3rd). A very dynamic, but also very tactical first half took place mainly between the penalty areas, both teams defended even after losing the ball.

Zinchenko weak point - Mané just missed

The first big chance went to the account of the Reds, who identified Manchester's left-back Zinchenko as a weak point: Alexander-Arnold danced out the Ukrainian, in the center of the again fit Mané headed just over (24th). From then on, the master was on the trigger, Firmino also booked a good finish (29th). Just in this phase Sterling dribbled cleverly into the Liverpool penalty area, where Fabinho brought him down illegally. Clear penalty for the league leaders - but Gündogan shot half a meter over (37th).
Gündogan strikes back

The home side had the momentum on their side and got off to a better start in the second period. But it was no coincidence that City was now a little lower: Sterling picked up the pace on the left and served Foden in the penalty area, who failed with his low shot at Alisson. But because all Liverpoolers were too far away from their opponents, Gündogan was able to dust off (49th).

Shortly afterwards, Foden also prevailed on the left, while the strong Sterling missed the double strike in the middle (52nd). Manchester now had a tailwind and managed well, but the Reds had a great chance after a break from Alexander-Arnold: Jones' low shot hissed just past the far corner (58th). But after a fatal stick error by Dias, the latter "gave" the master a penalty, which Salah converted to 1-1 (63rd).
Alisson von der Rolle - preliminary decision in the title fight

Everything was open again, both teams sorted themselves out - with the exception of LFC goalkeeper Alisson, who allowed himself two horrific playback errors: After his fatal bad passes, Gündogan (73rd) and Sterling (76th) again made it 3-1, a little later, Foden even made it 4-1 (83rd) with a brilliant left-footed shot. The home side were finally broken, the sovereign front runner could not be disturbed even in the final minutes.