2-1 against Aston Villa: Manchester United draws level with Liverpool

  • Title : 2-1 against Aston Villa: Manchester United draws level with Liverpool
Date: 03 Jan 2021    


Manchester United showed no nakedness in the top game against Aston Villa and won 2-1 despite a period of deep sleep. The Red Devils have been unbeaten in ten league games (8-2-0) and have drawn level with leaders Liverpool on points.


Against Aston Villa, ManUnited's coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer trusted Fred on the six and once again left Matic outside. Otherwise, Maguire, Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Martial or Rashford were the usual suspects in the starting XI. Villa ran among other things with the last form strong El Ghazi (five goals in December).

The offensive qualities of the Dutchman were initially less in demand, the defensive work was far more important. Aston Villa was faced with initial pressure from the Red Devils. Manchester got off to a better start, seemed more agile because they were more determined and consistent - and consequently had a small increase in opportunities. Martial (11th) and Maguire (12th) sniffed the lead, while McGinn put the first accent on the other side (13th). It was a brisk game with further opportunities for Fred (16th), Pogba (25th) and Bruno Fernandes (37th).

In general, United showed the more mature playing system, but always had to be on their guard, as the guests repeatedly provided relief, especially via the wings. The militantly present Villans sold themselves properly on the bottom line - and still had to go into the break with a deficit because one was not consistent: Rashford skilfully led a Pogba shelf to Wan-Bissaka, who ignited the turbo on the right and then afterwards inside flank. There Mings acted only half-heartedly, so that Martial was able to head to 1-0 (40th).

ManUnited first in deep sleep, then wide awake


The eleven from Birmingham were not particularly shocked by the deficit, but after the restart Aston Villa put a shovel on it and approached the equalizer via Watkins, but the head failed because of the brilliantly reacting De Gea (52nd). A little later, however, it hit the Spaniard. The decisive factor for this was the sleepiness of the hosts: The United players took too much time on a free kick and did not notice that it was carried out quickly: Ben-Wissaka let Grealish go, who thanked Traoré and served on the right post - 1: 1 (58.).

The joy of equalizing didn't last long, just three minutes to be precise. In the 61st minute, Bruno Fernandes gave the record champions the quick answer with a safely converted penalty (Douglas Luiz to Pogba), who then found their way back to their former strength and vehemently pushed the decision. But because Martial (71st) and Bruno Fernandes (77th) couldn't get past keeper Martinez and Pogba (74th) and Rashford (78th) were a bit too imprecise, it remained exciting until the end - the Red Devils victory changed that but nothing.