What a Top Bundesliga weekend game with over 5 goals

  • Title : What a Top Bundesliga weekend game with over 5 goals
Date: 05 Dec 2020    


Champions Bayern and pursuers RB Leipzig delivered a hot and varied exchange of blows on this 10th Bundesliga matchday - with the better end for no team. After 90 intense minutes, a 3: 3 matched performance was recorded, Coman prepared all Bayern goals.


Because his team had repeatedly revealed weaknesses defensively in recent weeks, Bayern coach Hansi Flick demanded for this top game against Bundesliga rivals Leipzig that his team, which had been reduced in many areas compared to the 1: 1 against Atletico in the Champions League ( including Neuer, Müller, Lewandowski returned) "plays much better than in the last games". No sooner said than done: FCB, who competed without Hernandez (thigh problems), didn't get off to an exhilarating start this Saturday evening, but was rather surprised by the brave and zealous and jagged Saxons who combine quickly.

Nkunku opened

With consequences: First Sabitzer thundered a long-range shot on the crossbar (2nd), before Nkunku could just be blocked (13th) and the French achieved the deserved 1-0 a little later. After a fine Forsberg pass, Nkunku was free, danced the newcomer far outside the Munich penalty area and pushed from many meters into the orphaned housing to make it 1-0 (19th).

Julian Nagelsmann, who gesticulates wildly on the sidelines as so often, has so far been satisfied, even though Coman (11th and 18th) has also registered the reigning champions in the meantime. The RB coach, who recorded a wild 4: 3 in Istanbul at Basaksehir during the week and, in comparison, had placed his trust in Adams, Kluivert and Nkunku from the start, had to note afterwards that the favorite after the 0: 1 Anger built up and turned into goals of their own.

From 0: 1 to 2: 1 to 2: 2

Musiala, who had come for Martinez, who had been injured in the meantime, fired the ball into the RB housing (30th) at an untenable bottom right to make it 1: 1, and only five minutes later Bayern pulled a fine relay over Lewandowski, Coman and Müller. The latter pushed free in front of keeper Gulacsi to make it 2-1 (35th). But because the Munich defense showed themselves to be sloppy again, it wasn't that with section one - which was also sometimes tough (both teams did not give each other anything in aggressive duels). Haidara chipped the ball precisely in the 36th minute to Kluivert, who was lurking on the right in the penalty area and not offside, who scored the 2-2 he deserved with his first Bundesliga goal (on loan from AS Roma in the summer).

Forsberg is forgotten

Shortly after the restart, the Saxons even struck with the second lead of the evening: After a fine cross from Angelino on the completely uncovered Forsberg, the Swede nodded off close to 3-2 (48th) - and a Munich defense was once again not solid punished again.

With the 3: 2 in the back, the guests pulled back a little, leaving the field to a large extent to the more powerful hosts. Because the Munich team couldn't think of a lot about a Lewandowski who had been put on hold until then, and simply lacked esprit, the RB defensive had everything under control.

Müller is free

However, only until the 75th minute, when Musiala cleverly built up and fitted Coman to the right on the edge of the box. The French crossed into the center, found the unprotected Müller - and the 2014 world champion headed from a few meters to 3: 3 (75th). For Coman, this was also the third assist in the game - and at the same time the final point of the evening, because in a final phase marked by inaccuracies nothing burned on both sides. Only Musiala came closer again, but finished clearly too imprecisely (85th and 86th).