90th + 3! Rashford shoots ManUnited in second place with the help of a shooter

  • Title : 90th + 3! Rashford shoots ManUnited in second place with the help of a shooter
Date: 29 Dec 2020    


The Wolverhampton Wanderers showed an almost perfect defensive performance in their guest appearance at Old Trafford - but only almost because Rashford scored the decisive goal shortly before the final whistle.


The calendar is full around the turn of the year. No wonder, then, that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer finally set up against Wolverhampton Wanderers in terms of stress control. Compared to the draw at Leicester City, which meant the end of the Red Devils' perfect away run, there were six new players in the starting line-up. Particularly noteworthy were Wan-Bissaka, who was back after a two-game injury break, and center forward Cavani, who started for ManUnited for the second time in the Premier League.

Wolves make life difficult for ManUnited

The Wolverhampton Wanderers are basically not that right for Manchester United. Since the rise of the Wolves two years ago, the two teams have met a total of seven times in all competitions - the English record champions only won one of the duels. And on this Tuesday evening, the Red Devils also had a hard time against the low-lying and compactly defending guests from the West Midlands.

The first and only really promising chance came as a surprise in view of the clearly recognizable difficulties: Bruno Fernandes gained some space against 18-year-old Premier League debutant Hoever a few meters in front of the goal and failed with the relatively central direct acceptance of a Greenwood cross Rui Patricio (34th).

Saiss has the best options

Wolverhampton simply brought ManUnited to despair - and mostly radiated a little more offensive danger coming from lightning-fast counterattacks. Saiss's two best chances, however, resulted from a dormant ball. First the Wolves defender headed the game device onto the crossbar (23rd), then he had to subordinate himself to de Gea (39th).

After switching sides, the performance was pretty dreary - at least until the 70th minute. Then both teams finally took off their shackles. During the rest of the game there were still some dangerous finishes on both sides, with the Red Devils recording a slight plus.
Offside goal, alleged handball, winning goal

Because Cavani was offside in his alleged goal (70th), the referee immediately assessed a handball by Coady in the penalty area as harmless and Saiss could not get past de Gea in the 72nd minute, it seemed as if the game would not be Find more winners. Wrong thought: Rashford showed patience after a long ball in the penalty area and made the final score 1-0 with his shot deflected by Saiss (90 + 3).