Tottenham still number 1 and shot Arsenal to place 16 in the league

  • Title : Tottenham still number 1 and shot Arsenal to place 16 in the league
Date: 06 Dec 2020    


Concrete touched and the Gunners resolutely countered twice: José Mourinho's Tottenham won the North London Derby 2-0 and remains the Premier League leader.


If it said North London Derby, it also said North London Derby. In a heated first half it went back and forth in front of 2000 fans, Dier (3rd) and Saka (6th) each approached imprecisely. Then energetic Gunners took control - which Mourinho's counter-artists played into the cards: Kane sent in the switchover Son, whose flick hit the long corner from a good 20 meters (13th). Our Tip for the Game was Tottenham to win , check our facebook group for get always free tips : Facebook Betting Group

Setback before the break

Arsenal had much more play and played very cleanly until the penultimate or last action in the last third, but the bulwark of the city rivals did not allow any real chances. Lacazette didn't make enough of a promising free kick (43.) before the Gunners hit another counterattack: This time Son staged Kane, who heaved the leather from an acute angle under the bar (45. + 1). With his eleventh goal, the 27-year-old became the sole record scorer in North London derbies.

After the break, Arsenal inflamed even more pressure than over long stretches of the first half - this time with decent chances: Aubameyang headed a sharp cross from Tierney just over it (49th), Willian twisted in the penalty area (62nd). The third in the offensive league, Lacazette, booked the best guest opportunity - but with his header, the Frenchman failed to compatriot Lloris (68th).

Gunners even threatens 16th place

As a result, the home side, who no longer came to dangerous counterattacks, but who weren't too bad either, managed to defend completely on their own sixteen and prevent Arsenal from creating further chances. Lacazette fired the last shot (87th), but the guests were also denied the connection or honorary goal.