Europa League Final Highlights with the all 21 Goals

  • Title : Europa League Final Highlights with the all 21 Goals
Date: 27 May 2021    


Villarreal FC won the Europa League. On Wednesday evening, the Spaniards cheered after 120 minutes and 22 penalties - because Manchester United's goalkeeper had to play in the rain of Gdansk.


Basically, the decision could not have been made otherwise. For 120 minutes, Villarreal and Manchester United had worked hard, they had given each other nothing and had not avoided a duel - but they had also shied away from the risk, mostly preferred the cross pass to the through pass and hardly ever created a goal threat.

So referee Clement Turpin asked the two teams to come to the point in the rain of Gdansk late on Wednesday evening. The question of the winner of the game had to be negotiated from eleven meters.

Villarreal put forward and took the lead in the person of Gerard. It was the start of a memorable penalty shoot-out in which 19 converted penalties followed before the two goalkeepers had to go: Rulli scored - and then stopped de Gea's attempt. The decision had been made, a penalty shootout in European Cup never lasted longer. A decision that was preceded by a long and tough struggle.

In 120 minutes, Manchester United had shot twice, Villarreal only once on the opposing goal. A statistic that said a lot about the quality of the game.

ManUnited determines the game - but remains harmless

Even in the first round of the regular season, ManUnited had dominated the action, but lacked ideas and determination. The degrees of McTominay (7th) and Shaw (20th) were the only goal approaches, but it was not dangerous.

The efforts of the Red Devils could not be denied, but Villarreal had little difficulty defending their own goal. The Spaniards condensed the space, primarily using Pino to make sporadic counter-attacks - and suddenly took the lead after just under half an hour: Parejo served a dormant ball from the half-left midfield, Gerard arrived in time, escaped Lindelöf and hit the ball from six meters into the net - 1-0 (29th).

After the break, ManUnited went to work with a different body language. Lo and behold: it didn't take long before the equalization fell. After a Shaw corner that was too briefly cleared, Rashford pulled from the second row, the ball fell to Cavani in front of the six-yard area at the feet - 1: 1 (55th).

ManUnited wanted more, but Bruno Fernandes moved from the edge of the penalty area (57th), then Pau blocked a Cavani header in dire need (71st). The bottom line was that ManUnited's game was just as uninspired as it was in the first 45 minutes. So it finally went into overtime.

In this one, too, both teams avoided the risk. So it went to the penalty spot - up to penalty number 22, which de Gea kicked and Rulli parried.