What a great Game of Leverkusen , who would has think this

  • Title : What a great Game of Leverkusen , who would has think this
Date: 19 Jan 2021    


Bayer 04 Leverkusen won the duel against their table neighbors Borussia Dortmund with the same points. The Werkself won an extremely fast-paced game with two completely different halves 2-1 - and in the end celebrated a 17-year-old match winner.


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Perfect diagonal ball, perfect ball acceptance: Leverkusen up front early

At the last meeting of the two teams almost a year ago, Leverkusen and Dortmund caused a football spectacle - and now, too, the two table neighbors went to work with open sights from the start. Wirtz tested Bürki early with a hard long-range shot (2nd), on the other side Hradecky had to come far out of his penalty area to save from Haaland who had started well (3rd).

An initial phase developed at a high level, in which both teams gave each other nothing and kept closing deals. Leverkusen stood tall and sometimes went extremely risky into pressing, Dortmund tried again and again with steep passes in the direction of Haaland - and was then more or less beaten with their own weapons: Bailey managed a wonderful diagonal ball from the center line over two BVB chains into the run of Diaby. The Frenchman took the ball with him according to the textbook and made it 1-0 in front of Bürki (14th).
Not to slow down Diaby: Bürki prevents higher BVB deficit

The opening goal gave Leverkusen an enormous boost, the home side now repeatedly combined over the Dortmund pressing lines and exerted constant pressure on the BVB box at times. Above all, Dortmund couldn't get the scorer under control at all. Diaby failed twice on Bürki (27th, 35th), a dangerous volley shot by the French was blocked (31st) and a long-range shot was defused by Bürki (43rd).

Dortmund only had a significant chance to equalize in the first round thanks to Haaland, who slipped just past a slipped Meunier shot (24th) and could thank the strong goalkeeper for not falling behind: Once again, Alario came on presentation of the barely braked Diaby from close range to the header, Bürki brilliantly prevented the 2-0 (45th).

Dortmund turns up - Brandt compensates

Even after the restart, Leverkusen started dominantly, but after a chance for Reus to equalize (54th), BVB suddenly turned on. Above all, Sancho came into play better and created opportunities - for example for Meunier, who miserably missed a good shot opportunity (56th). The balance of power turned completely in this phase - and Dortmund rewarded itself for the increase in performance. Delaney won the ball deep in the Leverkusen half, Guerreiro put down for Brandt and the ex-Leverkusen player hit the far corner with a well-placed flick (67th).

Dortmund was now on the verge of turning the game around completely and in the following minutes had two high-profile goals for the opening goal: Tapsoba, who was on the line, prevented Brandt's double strike within a few seconds (68th), Sancho completely missed from the best position (70th). . It was now a game on a knife edge, because Dortmund pressed - and Leverkusen always left a lot of room to counter. So Bürki had to show the next brilliant parade against Diaby, who broke through again (75th).

Wirtz ice cold: Leverkusen set a decisive counterattack

It was almost logical that the lightning-fast Frenchman also played a decisive role in the decisive attack of the evening: After Meunier failed to accept the ball, Schick locked the ball and finally put Diaby in the limelight. He had an eye for the host who ran along with him, who was then able to run freely towards Bürki. The 17-year-old kept his nerve and scored against the direction of the Swiss - 2: 1 (80th).

BVB coach Terzic then threw everything forward and brought two strikers in Moukoko and Tigges. Dortmund was no longer really dangerous in the final phase, Leverkusen was closer to the next goal in numerous counterattacks. In the end, the Werkself won without the tremendous tremor over time, and after four league games without a win, they achieved another three. Bayer 04 thus also distanced Dortmund who were tied on points and who are increasingly losing sight of the top of the table.