The Highlits of the Out of the eighth finals: Sterling and Kane end the Löw era

  • Title : The Highlits of the Out of the eighth finals: Sterling and Kane end the Löw era
Date: 30 Jun 2021    


The German national team was eliminated from the European Championship in the round of 16. The 0: 2 against England in Wembley also means the end of Joachim Loew's time as national coach. In the end, it was efficiency that made the difference in an extremely tight game for a long time.


Joshua Kimmich had to be comforted. Tears stood in the eyes of the German driver when referee Danny Makkelie whistled the game at Wembley. His coach Joachim Löw had already made his way to the dressing room. It was his last step out of the coaching zone as a trainer for a German national team.

Löw had decided on three changes compared to the 2-2 draw against Hungary: Goretzka replaced Gündogan in midfield, on the offensive Müller and Werner were given preference over Sané and Gnabry. Two of the three newcomers were involved in the first good action by the DFB team: Müller sent Goretzka, who was fouled right in front of the penalty area, but Havertz's subsequent free kick stuck to the English wall (10th).

The German team got off to a very energetic and dynamic start, England needed a little to find their way into the game - possibly also due to a system change: After the Three Lions had only played with a back four in the preliminary round, Southgate's team was now in the 3-4- 2-1, Trippier replaced Grealish in the 1-0 win against the Czech Republic. After about a quarter of an hour it got louder at Wembley, the English checked Neuer twice. The German captain parried first against Sterling (16th) and after the next corner against Maguire (17th).

Werner fails at Pickford - Hummels saves outstandingly

The home side gained slight advantages as a result, but they reached the German penalty area almost exclusively through set pieces. The German team lacked quick switching moments in this phase. Goretzka and Havertz made two single-minded vertical passes, but Werner failed on the left in the penalty area to Pickford - by far the best chance for the German team in a largely even and tactical first half (32nd).

The English also had an action that was at least as dangerous just before the break: after Sterling took the ball, the ball jumped happily to Kane, who was completely free in front of Neuer. In dire straits, Hummels saved the draw in the break with an outstanding tackle (45th + 2).

Difference: Sterling's hit sets the course

The second half began as the first had left off: with a spectacular goal-preventing action. After a brilliant direct acceptance by Havertz, Pickford prevented the German lead with a strong flight insert (48th). As in the first round, the DFB team came out of the dressing room a little better, but like in the first round, both teams were mainly concerned not to make the crucial mistake. Much happened in the center, the wings remained largely orphaned - and so did the penalty areas as the game progressed.

England almost did not appear offensively in the second round - and hit the German team with the first opportunity after the break: The Three Lions combined too easily from the center to the left, the DFB defense received no access, so Shaw was able to cross from the left and with his low cross found Sterling - 1-0 for the British, who were very staid in the second half (75th).

Müller leaves the compensation - Kane worries about the decision

The German team was not yet beaten, but the big difference that day was efficiency. After a fatal sterling return passport, Havertz sent Müller on the journey in an exemplary manner. The national team returnees ran completely free to Pickford and put the ball past the gate on the left (81st). On the other hand, the Three Lions gave the DFB team a lesson in terms of exploiting chances: After substitute Gnabry lost the ball, England switched quickly, Grealish served Kane in the center - and the captain made the decision with a header (86th).