Goretzka saves the last sixteen: Germany jumps out of the shovel

  • Title : Goretzka saves the last sixteen: Germany jumps out of the shovel
Date: 24 Jun 2021    


Roller coaster ride with a happy ending: The German team is in the round of 16 of the European Championship. The renewed preliminary round and the end of the Löw era were imminent.


From the rainbow, which was much cited in the run-up, a significant part of the rainbow came to light in Munich in addition to a few flags in the stands. The German team initially defied the uncomfortable external conditions with a controlled attack game, which resulted in an early opportunity for Kimmich (4th).

Only shortly afterwards, the mood of national coach Löw on the bench adapted to the weather - and the reason for this was of all things a Bundesliga combination: After an excellent cross from Freiburg's Sallai from the right half-field, Szalai from Mainz took off between Ginter and Hummels defeated Neuer with a flying header (11th) - cold shower in the summer rain.

Hummels hits the bar - Germany lacks inspiration

As in the last 4-2 draw against Portugal, the DFB team had to run after an early deficit. In comparison to this game, national coach Löw had replaced the ailing Müller (bank) with Sané - but no players from the offensive trio had the chances: Gosens missed a Havertz cross (17th), Hummels hit the crossbar after a Kimmich corner (21.), Ginter failed shortly afterwards to Gulacsi (22.).

The Hungarians, who had acted quite cheeky in the beginning, withdrew after the opening goal, unsurprisingly, backed off and relied on a similar tactic that had already led to success in the 1-1 draw against France with the same starting eleven. The outsider acted poisonously in the duels, barely allowing any advances by Gosens and Kimmich - and after half an hour the rain, which was almost monsoonal, did the rest: Germany was far from the joke against Portugal, got bogged down in long cross-pass phases and hardly had Ideas against the well-positioned opponent.

Löw's team couldn't manage more than one harmless Havertz shot just before the break (45th) in the first round, Sallai's attempt at distance on the other side was almost even more dangerous (39th). Löw was literally standing in the rain, the jacket hood over his head - surprisingly early the last 45 minutes of his term of office loomed, in the blitz table the German team was in last place in the group at half time.

Wild minutes: Hungary countered Havertz goal immediately

After the break, the rain stopped in Munich, but the German offensive problems did not. Again Havertz gave Gulacsi at least one task (52nd), but Hungary was still closer to the next goal: Sallai set a free kick to the outside post (62nd).

In the middle of the second half the events suddenly overturned: Thanks to a goalkeeping error by Gulacsi, who flew past a Kroos free kick, Germany came to the supposedly redeeming goal, as Havertz headed Hummels' header into the goal that was orphaned by the keeper (66th). But it was just the supposedly redeeming hit. Because only a few seconds after kick-off, Szalai placed high in Schäfer's barrel. The Hungarian midfielder escaped Sané, who was now called up as the right rail player, got to the ball before the new one rushed out and headed a renewed lead for Hungary (68th).

Goretzka shoots Germany late in the last sixteen

So Germany had to run again against leaving - and prevent Löw from ending his term in office. And he did that proactively, because the decisive gateway to German progress - shortly after Kroos (81st) had already given away a good opportunity - was finally a co-production of three jokers: The EM debutant Musiala, who had only recently arrived, introduced the Shot by Werner, who had already been substituted before, was blocked - and in the end there was one who had already come into play at the beginning of the second round: Goretzka's determined conclusion was slightly deflected and hit the net to make it 2-2 (84th).