Without the CR7, but with the help of the shooter: Juventus moves into the Champions League

  • Title : Without the CR7, but with the help of the shooter: Juventus moves into the Champions League
Date: 24 May 2021    


Juventus Turin made it into the Champions League on the 38th and final matchday of Serie A. Without a CR7, Andrea Pirlo's team beat Bologna 4-1. That alone wouldn't are enough to qualify for the premier class, but the competition from Naples failed.



Without Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus started the last game of the Serie A season. CR7 felt tired after winning the final against Atalanta Bergamo (2-1) and initially sat on the bench, although the Bianconeri were still close to make it into the premier class. With Szczesny, Alex Sandro, Morata, and Dybala, Pirlo brought a complete of 4 newcomers to the sector. Buffon and therefore the ex-Schalke McKennie sat next to Ronaldo on the bench, Bentancur was missing yellow-red-suspended. display starting from fifth within the table, the Italian series champions of recent years (nine times during a row, now replaced by Inter) had to try to to their homework and at an equivalent time await mistakes by the competition from Milan and Naples. With a goal from Chiesa, who dusted off after Rabiot's picket shot, the wife put the opposite candidates for the Champions League places struggling early (6th).

Dybala and Juventus do their magic

After the opening goal, the Pirlo-Elf allowed themselves a couple of quieter minutes, during which Bologna generated isolated deals (Schouten, 23rd). on the other hand, the wife picked up the pace again - and promptly stepped up: After a fine individual action by Dybalas - Argentina danced the tango on the proper within the penalty area with Schouten then poked the shock keeper Skorupski - Morata played it safe and nodded the ball from the shortest distance to 2-0 behind the road (29th).In the meantime, AC Milan had scored the opening goal in Bergamo and overtook Juventus within the table again, but that did not prevent the Bianconeri from scoring the third goal before the break: at the top of a sparkling clean combination that started and over at Dybala Chiesa and Kulusevski was continued, finally converted Rabiot to the well-deserved 3-0 for the wife (45th).

Lightning start Palacio - double pack Morata

The first phase of the last half was tough: 15 seconds were played, when Palacio spiked the ball into the goal from an offside position, in order that it remained at 0: 3 from the house side's point of view. On the opposite side, the assistant also raised his arm at Morata's goal just an honest minute later, but was then overruled by the VAR, in order that Juventus increased to 4-0 with the Spaniard's brace (47th).Bologna swam defensively during this phase and should not have complained if Juve had increased to five , 6 or maybe 7-0. Morata especially caused a stir and failed several times with a three-pack (54th / 57th). Only Palacio offered resistance and missed the consolation goal with an interesting flick (61st).

Juve's eyes are on Bergamo and NaplesBy this point , the mass within the Stadio Renato Dall'Ara had long been read, in order that the eyes were directed towards Bergamo and Napoli. There the SSC first took the lead, but had to simply accept the equalization a touch later, in order that Juventus only fell out of the Champions League ranks for a brief time.

The game in Bologna was over, but didn't end without a goal from the hosts: Substitute Orsolini scored from a decent angle to form it 1: 4 (85th). At Juventus the enjoyment was still great, because the 1-1 draw at Napoli made it fourth and participation within the Champions League.