CR7 scores 750th competitive goal: Juve's offensive leaves Kiev no chance

  • Title : CR7 scores 750th competitive goal: Juve's offensive leaves Kiev no chance
Date: 02 Dec 2020    


Juventus Turin won 3-0 against Dynamo Kiev in Group G on the penultimate Champions League matchday. Federico Chiesa was in top form in the final deserved victory. CR7 also met.


Chiesa brings the lead

Juve started strong and had the action at the premiere of referee Stephanie Frappart - the first woman ever to whistle a Champions League game in the men's area - immediately under control. After three minutes, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo went into action for the first time, but narrowly failed. Then the old lady came more and more over the right side, the Chiesa, who came from Florence in the summer, provided a lot of momentum. Juve came to the next big double chance after just under 20 minutes: McKennie (17th) and Morata (18th) only narrowly failed after corners at Kiev goalkeeper Bushchan.

A little later the spell was broken: Chiesa overcame the not-so-good-looking number 1 of Kiev with a header from around seven meters (21st) - his first ever goal in the premier class.

As a result, the old lady pressed the second goal, while the guests from Ukraine hardly took place. After half an hour, the 2-0 was in the air - but CR7 failed free-standing on aluminum (31st). From this point on, Kiev came into the game better, could well have received a penalty after a controversial scene around Juve captain Bonucci (35th). In Tsygankov, Dynamos even had a chance to equalize - but goalkeeper Szczesny saved the 1-0 into the cabin (41st).

From the start of the second half, Kiev stayed in the game, causing problems at Juve with a courageous demeanor. In the 54th minute, Szczesny had to intervene again and saved the lead again after an increasingly longer cross from Tsygankov. In the middle of the pressure phase of the guests came the shock: Cristiano Ronaldo made it 2-0 (54th) with his 750th competitive game goal. Once again Chiesa, who had given in sharply, had his feet in the game, Morata had failed because of Bushchan - but CR7 was there.

As after the first goal, the Bianconeri stayed on the accelerator, wanted to follow suit. The undertaking succeeded: After another nice preparatory work by the strong winger Chiesa, Morata, who was recently punished with red in the league, made the decisive 3-0 follow. The Spaniard's sixth goal in the fifth game of this year's Champions League season (66th).

After the preliminary decision, both coaches changed a lot, so there was hardly any flow of the game. The only significant chances had Joker Bernardeschi, who was free standing with his head (73rd) and failed to Bushchan (79th). In the final phase, however, as mentioned, hardly anything happened - and so the encounter ended 3-0 for Juve. So the old lady has a final for 1st place against Barcelona on the last day of the game, but has to win by at least two goals. Kiev, who still stands at one point, then duels with Ferencvaros Budapest (also one point) for third place, which also means entry into the Europa League.