What a game of RB Leiozig and Manchester United see all Goals now

  • Title : What a game of RB Leiozig and Manchester United see all Goals now
Date: 08 Dec 2020    


RB Leipzig defeated Manchester United 3-2 and are - first or second - in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Despite a quick start, the Saxons had to tremble in the end.


Fast starter Angelino

A furious start from Leipzig quickly realized that something would go on United's right-hand side, where Wan-Bissaka repeatedly oriented himself too centrally. There RB was always looking for Angelino, who executed a fine Sabitzer cross to take the lead after just two minutes.

The next Angelino chance was not long in coming (8th) - five turns of the pointer later Haidara used a cross from the Spaniard to make it 2-0 (13th). From the best position, Forsberg missed the third goal (17th) for brilliant Leipziger, who subsequently took their foot off the gas.

Orban stops Rashford

The 3-0 was then supposedly by Orban, who had been offside when Konaté headed the post (29th). As a result, United found that they could breathe better into the game - but did not yet have any significant opportunities. Rashford started a promising counterattack, but was fairly separated from the ball by Orban (39th).

Even after the break, RB waited to see what a better United gradually tried to punish. Maguire just missed a free-kick cross (55th), Leipzig defended with man and mouse. Rashford (64th) and Fernandes (66th) failed from the second row, the Portuguese even circled a free kick to the crossbar (68th).

Kluivert doesn't make everything clear

By return of post - in the middle of United's strongest phase - the home side apparently struck decisively. Nkunku happily extended an Angelino flank to the incoming Kluivert, who overcame de Gea from five meters (69th). 3-0 for Leipzig - but Manchester was not yet beaten. McTominay (70th), Greenwood (72nd) and Rashford (76th) all failed because of Gulacsi.