Heyer and Jatta let the HSV cheer on Schalke late

  • Title : Heyer and Jatta let the HSV cheer on Schalke late
Date: 24 Jul 2021    


In a lively opening game of the second division season, HSV left the pitch 3-1 as a deserved winner. Royal Blue started strong and took the lead, but then only acted too passively. HSV wanted the threesome more in the closing stages. The Schalke also worries about the injury of their captain.


Schalke's coach Dimitrios Grammozis had eight (!) Newcomers at the start of the season, including striker Terodde, captain Latza and - somewhat surprisingly - winger Drexler, who was only signed on Wednesday from Cologne. Langer represented the ferryman suffering from Covid-19 in the gate.
At HSV, coach Tim Walter gave his starting mandate to four new signings on his competitive debut: In addition to captain Schonlau, Reis, Meffert and Glatzel were on the pitch from the start. Even before kick-off, 19,770 spectators ensured a very special atmosphere in the Veltins Arena for the traditional duel at the start of the second division. On the field, Schalke initially provided fireworks: Royal Blue pressed incredibly high in the 3-5-2, the HSV found no means against it.
The logical consequence were the first chances for S04. Offside? Terodde hits and is allowed to cheer While Terodde narrowly missed with a twisting shot (5th), the ball was shortly afterwards in the Hamburg net. Drexler had conquered the ball against Gyamerah, Bülter sent Terodde away from the center line, then the former Hamburger Heuer Fernandes didn't give a chance.
The goal didn't seem to count at first because the flag went up. After checking, however, it was decided on the same level, so Schalke led early 1-0 (8th). And the HSV? From the Rothosen, who often attacked with four men in the front line, little came up until the goal against the goal, then the Walter-Elf benefited from the increasing passivity of the hosts, who then had to accept a downer: Captain Latza twisted his knee badly ( 15.), but could continue playing until the 32nd minute, then Idrizi replaced the newcomer from Mainz.

Langer saves a penalty against Glatzel

Shortly before, Schalke's substitute goalkeeper had been in focus after Flick fouled Kinsombi in the penalty area. Glatzel started, but failed from the point on the strongly reacting Langer (28th). Until the break, HSV continued to be visually overweight, but lacked goal danger. Schalke over Bülter (36th) and a free kick from Ouwejan (45th + 4) were more of a threat, but the narrow lead for the miners remained.

Glatzel dusts off and balances - prelude to wild minutes

Both teams came out of the catacombs unchanged in terms of personnel, but the game suddenly offered significantly more. The reason for this: The compensation. Leibold lifted a free kick in the direction of Kreuzeck, Langer scratched the ball off the line. But the keeper could not secure the ball, Glatzel dusted off from close range (53.).

The goal was the prelude to wild minutes: Less than sixty seconds after the goal, Reis quickly switched and took a free kick to Jatta, who lifted the ball over the hurrying Langer but also over the housing (54th). Again, no turn of the hand later, Schalke would have been able to lead again, Ouwejan failed free-standing against Heuer Fernandes (55th).

Fresh staff on both sides - Kaufmann and Rohr are celebrating their debuts

Both teams continued to press the accelerator, Terodde came to a close three times after a corner, but failed, among other things, on the post (61st) - it was the last action before the final phase, both coaches used the rest phase for a few changes. At HSV, among other things, Rohr made his second division debut, newcomer Kaufmann and the last battered Kittel got a few minutes (78th), Heyer also came before (67th).

Jokers bring the turning point - Jatta makes everything clear

And three of the new protagonists came into focus in the final phase: Since Schalke no longer really wanted, HSV tried again - and successfully: Kittel nibbled two opponents and then played Rohr, who found Heyer in the back area. This hit from the penalty spot to 2: 1 (86th). Schalke had to come again, but Heuer Fernandes saved twice against Kaminski (88th) and Terodde (89th), then Jatta made everything clear on the other side after Kittel's cross in the regular final minute.

Thus, HSV, who punished Schalke's passivity towards the end, did not leave the field undeservedly as a winner. Schalke showed quite good approaches in the newly formed team, but they were not brought onto the pitch consistently for 90 minutes.