What a desaster game for the German Team

  • Title : What a desaster game for the German Team
Date: 17 Nov 2020    


In the last international match in 2020, the German national team suffered their first defeat of the year. This was historically clear with 0: 6 against in all respects superior Spaniards - and was well deserved for this clarity. The DFB-Elf did not have the slightest resistance against the enthusiastic Spaniards and was outclassed at times.


Spain's national coach Luis Enrique had to do without veteran Busquets, who injured his wrist ligament in the 1-1 draw in Switzerland. Since Merino and Fabian rotated on the bench, the midfield center was completely re-staffed with Rodrigo, Canales and Koke. In addition, Morata was allowed to play on the offensive instead of Oyarzabal, Gaya was given preference over Reguilon in the back left.


Nobody at Morata - Spain earns up front

The German keeper also had to excel early on and parried a Ramos free kick from the edge of the penalty area (7th). A bit of luck for the German team: Actually, there should have been a penalty instead of a free kick, but referee Andreas Ekberg moved Gündogan's foul on Olmo in front of the penalty line. Also unfortunate for the Spaniards that Canales injured his thigh after just ten minutes and had to be replaced. Fabian (12th) came for him.

After that, things went largely for the home side - and the new man had his part in it: Fabian kicked a corner with a lot of pull on the second post, where Gnabry jumped under the ball and Morata behind it completely free-standing headed to the lead for the Iberians (17.). Neuer had no chance of defending the ball under the crossbar.

One-way football in Seville: Spain shows Germany

From this moment on, at the latest, the game was only going in one direction, the Spaniards whirling the German defensive upside down with their combination game. Another Morata goal did not count because of offside (23rd), Ferran Torres missed three good opportunities (21st, 30th, 33rd) - only to use the fourth: After a Koke cross, Olmo headed the crossbar , Ferran Torres then chased the rebound into the mesh on the left of the post by volley (33rd). Neuer was powerless again.

Spain literally led Germany in this phase, the DFB-Elf did not appear at all offensively and were played dizzy again and again defensively. So it was logical: Rodrigo headed the 3-0 break after another Fabian corner (38.) Everything worked out for Spain - almost at least: Captain Ramos had to be replaced with injuries before the break (43rd).

The dismantling continues: three-pack Ferran Torres

At the break, Löw also switched to central defense: Tah replaced Süle. However, the German team did not seem significantly more stable, Neuer had to prevent the next goal against the broken Olmo early on (47.) The Spaniards were able to continue their combination game unhindered and were given plenty of space in the midfield. After a quick attack on the left side, the home side was able to run towards the German goal in a three-on-one, Gaya crossed Ferran Torres - 4-0 (55th).

The winger from Manchester City missed the three-pack with a flick against a still indisposed DFB team initially (62nd), then finally laced him after one of the numerous quick combinations through the center with a precise shot from the edge of the penalty area - the German team was only a spectator (72nd). Believe it or not, it took until the 77th minute before Germany fired the first and only significant shot on the Spanish housing: Gnabry hammered the ball against the crossbar from a distance.

The result is taking on historic proportions

Spain, however, was not finished yet - and filled half a dozen. Without any resistance, the Iberians combined again in position, Oyarzabal pushed Gaya's cross pass over the line (89th) - and screwed the result into historical dimensions. The last time a German team lost 6-0 to Austria in 1931, there was only one major defeat in the history of the German national team: in 1909 against England (9-0-0).