What a Game of Manchester United , all 3 Goals done by the Red Devils

  • Title : What a Game of Manchester United , all 3 Goals done by the Red Devils
Date: 20 Oct 2020    


What a Game, we were not expected but nice to watch


Manchester United have been linked with a move to the Premier League this season, with a 2: 1 move to the Vorjahresfinalist PSG. The Red Devils were done all 3 Goals.

PSG coach Thomas Tuchel swapped personnel five times compared to the 4-0 win in Nimes: Bakker, Rafinha, Sarabia, Kean (all bank) and the injured Paredes made way for Kurzawa, Herrera, Danilo, di Maria, and Neymar.

ManUnited coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer changed his starting formation to three positions after the 4-1 at Newcastle: Instead of Maguire (not in the squad), Mata and James (both bench) Tuanzebe, Telles and Martial were on the pitch from the start.
A second chance for Bruno Fernandes

The guests started out as a more energetic team that behaved very disciplined defensively as a collective. Even after PSG took the initiative, last year's finalist, therefore, found it difficult to ignite danger. Di Maria tested de Gea at least from a distance (12th), various sharp flanks on the fiver - Kurzawa shot de Gea from a few meters (12th) - were usually the highest of feelings in terms of Parisian creativity.

The Tuchel-Elf had the game largely under control when Martial made a lot of contact from Diallo in the PSG penalty area - but received a penalty. Bruno Fernandes failed at Navas in the first attempt, but the penalty was repeated because the goalkeeper left the line too early. This time the Portuguese scored - 1-0 for Manchester (23rd).

Well deserved break - Martial's gift

After half an hour Shaw caught Neymar's cross pass to di Maria (33.), on the other side Bruno Fernandes Navas forced a long-range save to make a strong save (39.). After the following corner, McTominay's deflected header hissed just inches past (39th) - the break time of the English record champions was not undeserved.

In the phase after the break, both teams opened their visors, it was going back and forth at high speed. Rashford thwarted a promising counterattack (47th), a little later Mbappé danced out with a double stepover Wan-Bissaka, but failed on de Gea (48th). Shortly after Kurzawa's flank slipped and landed on the crossbar, Martial of all people brought the home side back into the game with a header own goal after Neymar's corner (55th).
Navas strong against Rashford - Rashford strong against Navas

Wan-Bissaka prevented the double strike with a strong tackle against Mbappé (57th), before Danilo - against Rashford - copied the action in the opposite penalty area (58th). Paris' following dominant phase was without top-class, when United then started up, Navas had to wipe a treacherous Rashford from the corner (69th).

The final phase also remained extremely lively, with benefits for the guests. Martial appeared again and again dangerously in the penalty area, Bruno Fernandes missed from the second row (78th). Again against Rashford, Navas was able to stand out with his foot defense (80th) - seven turns of the pointer later the Costa Rican had no chance: After two quick steps on the sixteen, Rashford hit with a low shot into the far corner, from the inside post the leather bounced into the net for a well-deserved victory (87.). PSG had no ideas for a late answer.