Firmino and Joker Salah hit twice and bring a amazing win

  • Title : Firmino and Joker Salah hit twice and bring a amazing win
Date: 19 Dec 2020    


In the last game before the short Christmas break, Liverpool FC swept Crystal Palace away 7-0 from the lawn. An efficient first half was followed by a no less goal-hungry appearance after the break - and then there was Joker Salah.


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Although the Reds were still in action on Wednesday evening and now had to compete again on the unloved Saturday lunchtime, there was initially no trace of fatigue - at least at Liverpool. Things looked completely different at Crystal Palace, who had also played on Wednesday evening (1-1 at West Ham) and couldn't keep up in the third minute: Mané placed across the penalty area to Minamino, who delayed briefly and then took the lead from eight meters - with his first goal in the 18th Premier League game.

As a result, the front runner withdrew more and more and got a little more defensive work. When Ayew won a running duel against Fabinho and entered the penalty area from the right, the doorbell could have rang in the guest gate, but the cross pass to Zaha was too imprecise (24th). It was just in this prime phase of Palace that Liverpool struck a second time. In a rare attack, Firmino alluded to Mané, who needed two contacts to take the ball and to sink it in the lower left corner with a twisting shot (35th).

Perfect counterattack by the Reds - Mané angry about substitution

While the "Eagles" continued to play bravely and achieved a decent finish thanks to Zaha (41st), the guests gave their opponents another lesson in efficiency shortly afterwards. On a counterattack, Firmino used Robertson, who started on the left, and then went forward at full speed. Because Minamino, Mané and Firmino stormed forward in lockstep and occupied all offensive spaces, the home side's defensive lost its bearings. Firmino benefited from the perfect cross and easily pushed in to make it 3-0 (44th).

In the last game before an eight-day break, the Reds wanted to throw everything in again. So it didn't look any nicer for Roy Hodgson's team in the second section, who have actually been in very good shape so far this season. The start of a furious second half was made by Henderson, who flicked the ball from 20 meters to the left of the post (52nd). Mané (56th) and Minamino (59th) then left the 5-0, and Klopp brought Salah for Mané - who would have wanted more and made his anger about the substitution quite clear.
Reds let off steam - Palace simply overwhelmed

The fresh Salah fitted in splendidly and served Firmino, whose Lupfer brought the 5-0. Palace had nothing to oppose and caught one hit after another. First Salah dusted off after a corner and Matip's preliminary work on the ball (81st), then he sank the ball with a fine flick into the left corner (84th) - the 7-0 and Salah's third scorer point! It was also the end point, referee Jonathan Moss released the home side shortly afterwards.