AFL Team: West Coast Eagles

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The West Coast Eagles are one of the youngest teams in the AFL. The team started its activities, in 1986, and has only been around for thirty-five years. The team was formed as a result of the expansion the VFL, now AFL, went through in the eighties decade.

The West Coast Eagles are characterized for the colors Royal Blue and Gold. However, it is also worth nothing that they are one of the most remarkable football clubs in the AFL, having won four premierships since their foundation and being one of the most successful teams in the nineties decade.

The team has made it to the finals numerous times, especially during the nineties. As of now, they remain as one of the most successful and praised football clubs in the AFL.

Quick facts about the Eagles

  • They have won the AFL premiership four times since their foundation: in 1992, 1994, 2006 and 2018. The Eagles are still part of the top five teams in the -21 season.
  • The Eagles have made it to the finals at least more than fifteen times. Their scores have been also noteworthy in most of the years they’ve been present in the AFL.
  • Their highest score was 29.18 (192), during a game against the Brisbane Bears in 1988. On the other hand, their lowest score was against Essendon, 1.12 (18), the following year.
  • The Eagles have seven members in the Australian Football Hall of Fame. The last addition to this list was Dean Cox, who was included recently in 2020.

Brief history of the team

In 1986, the VFL started to expand the league. As a result of that event, two teams were founded: the West Coast Eagles and the Brisbane Bears. The team’s first coach was Roh Alexander.

The team started playing as seniors in the AFL in 1987. Their first game was against Richmond, and they earned the victory. Although they had a promising start during their first season, the club didn’t make it to the finals until a year later. However, this notable performance declined in the 1989 season as they ranked 11th on the ladder.

The team made it to the finals again in 1991, after playing an excellent season. Although the made it to the finals, Hawthorn ended up defeating them in the grand final. Still, the following year was also excellent for the club as they earned their first premiership by defeating Geelong in the grand final.

The following year was still a good season, but the team didn’t earn their second premiership until 1994. This time, the grand finale was against Geelong once more.

Not everything was perfect for the Eagles, even if they always were one of the most promising teams throughout the seasons. During the first five years of the new millennium, the team struggled to keep a stable streak. Although they made it to the finals for three consecutive years – from 2002 to 2004, the team didn’t earn another premiership until 2006, when they defeated the Western Bulldogs.

In the Present                                           

The West Coast Eagles have maintained an excellent performance throughout the years. In the latest decade, they’ve made it to the finals multiple times and earned their fourth premiership in 2018, when they won against Collingwood.

As of now, the team ranks fifth in the position ladder. Their latest game was against Port Adelaide, which they won with a score of 16.12 (108). They’re now paired against St Kilda, and the game will take place at the Marvel Stadium on April 10. Will they be able to maintain such a remarkable margin this time?