6 Best Apps for Sports Betting

6 Best Apps for Sports Betting Image

Sports betting apps are everywhere, but bettors can consider only a few of them as "reliable." There are a hundred apps dedicated to this niche for iOS and Android, and choosing one can be overwhelming sometimes.

Some of these apps are not available in desktop or web browsers, yet they are still excellent for these purposes and are worth trying.

More apps dedicated to sports betting are appearing every day. However, we'll be describing some of the best apps you can use for sports betting on any mobile device you may own.

We reviewed each app carefully and found out the following apps are among the best options you can choose for sports betting, in no particular order.

  1. BetVictor Betting - If you are interested in EPL Football, then this app is your best option. However, other fantastic features include excellent horse racing odds, offers, and one of the lowest minimum deposits you can find on these apps.
  2. Betfair – Betfair has more positive reviews than BetVictor and offers more payment options. Betfair also offers better and bigger odds and more betting alternatives than most apps and exchanges, including some of the mentioned here.
  3. Paddy Power – If you're into In-Play betting, Paddy Power is your best choice. It also offers low minimum deposits, and you can get fantastic rewards if you regularly use the app.
  4. Bet365 – This app does not offer free bets but has an excellent welcome bonus and many other bonuses that will make you want to keep it. It's a great sportsbook and is currently one of the best apps for Football Betting.
  5. William Hill – William Hill offers free bets too, and we recommend it for those who prefer Golf Betting. You can take advantage of a low minimum deposit. Another useful feature we can mention from this app is known as "#YourOdds," known to be helpful to several players due to the comprehensive catalog of options.
  6. Betway – Bettors interested in NFL betting will find their new home in Betway. It is also excellent for basketball betting and those interested in e-Sports betting. It has a free jackpot predictor and offers free bets to multiple players daily.

What is the best betting app for free bets?

If you want to find a good app for excellent deals, you should try a couple of apps from the above list. Since they have a large base of players, they tend to offer big free bets, and it's rare when they do not have one available.

As for bonuses, you should know they aren't static. Bonuses and promotions change over time, but Paddy Power is one of the best apps you could use if you want the best offers. They have something new to offer every day, especially if there is a particular event appealing to most people.

When it comes to welcome offers, they tend to be varied. For instance, an already established bookmarker that migrated their service to an app will offer the same bonuses on their primary website and the app. However, if you pay attention to new bookies, they always have better and more attractive offers for most players.

What you should consider when selecting the best betting app

Some people don't rely on lists and would rather experience the app for themselves before deciding the best option. Here are some factors you can take into consideration when you're trying to choose a betting app:

Is it reliable?

Although reliability concerns are related to your internet connection, some problems can have their origin on the app. Still, as most places are implementing 5G slowly, these issues are very likely to disappear sooner than we expect.


A good-developed app will always run smoothly, but sometimes your phone may be the problem. You can solve this problem by removing apps you don't use anymore but consume data in a second plane.


Most people have a smartphone nowadays, but not all of them know all their functions. Therefore, the betting app you choose should be easy-to-use.

Better odds                                                 

You can take a look at the apps mentioned above and decide whether they have the right odds for you or not. However, please note you can switch to apps if you think that a particular bookmarker has better options than your preferred alternative.