Champions League 2021 – Who We’ll See in the Finals

Champions League 2021 – Who We’ll See in the Finals Image

Did you think we wouldn’t be able to see the Champions League this year?

Champions League 2020-2021 will be resumed next week, with the round of sixteen going up. It is a bit too early to tell what teams will be in the finals, but as of now, you can make your speculations based on the teams that will be present in the round of sixteen!

The teams and their pairing have already been decided. For instance, the matchup for Atletico Madrid against Chelsea, will be held in Bucharest. You can find the rest of the matchups and their respective dates on the list below. These dates are tentative, although it is not likely that they’ll suffer changes.

As per usual, there are sixteen teams and eight games to be played. The results of this round will decide who’ll go to the semi-finals.

It is also worth noting that Bayern is the favorite team for its match. Lazio has not been around this level since over twenty years, too!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most football clubs have been forced to move their bases due to the safety restrictions that exist in some countries, such as Spain. So, we’ll see how Atletico Madrid has to leave their usual stage - Wanda Metropolinato – for their matchup with Chelsea. Both teams will play at Bucharest’ National Stage.

Additionally, each matching will play two games, as it is usual. Each pairing will play two matches on the following dates.

  • Lipzig vs. Liverpool and Barcelona vs. Paris will play on dates February 16 and March 10.
  • Porto vs. Juventos and Sevilla vs. Dortmund will play on dates February 17 and March 9.
  • Lazio vs. Bayern and Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea will play on dates February 23 and March 17.
  • Monchengladbach vs. Manchester City and Atltanta vs. Real Madrid will play on dates February 24 and March 16.

For Americans, you may watch these games on streaming services such as CBS All Access, which will go through a rebrand on March 4 and will now be known as Paramount+. The CBS Sports Network will be in charge of broadcasting some games.

As for the final, it is scheduled to happen on May 29. Hosts will include Kate Abdo and some other known analysts like Roberto Martinez, for instance. Other people that will join the analyst team include Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher.

There is always analysis in studio and on-site. This time, we’ll see Peter Schmeichel and Alex Scott in charge of this essential aprt of the game.

Many other games have been moved to different places due to COVID-19 concerns, as it happened with Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea. Other games that suffered these changes include RB Leipzig vs. Liverpool and Monchengladbach against Manchester City.

There will also be a “Draw” for the quarterfinals and semifinals. This will happen on March 19, and you will be able to watch it via the usual streaming platforms and what’s been mentioned here.

As for the quarterfinals, there will be two legs for it. They will happen on two consecutive days – April 6 and April 7. The next leg will be played in consecutive days too, during the next week. These games are scheduled to happen on April 13 and April 14.

Semifinals will start on April 27, and this leg will continue the next day, on April 28. The second leg will start next week, on May 4 and will conclude on May 5.

And the expected final will be held on May 29, as it was mentioned above.