DPC 2021 - eSport Tournament

DPC 2021 - eSport Tournament Image

The season was divided into two Majors instead of the usual 4 Major events.

They also implemented another rule where players cannot transfer to another team during the season until the end of the Major. They can start transferring to another team only after the last season ended and before the next season starts but there will be a penalty of 15% on the team's current points.

For example, Team Nigma, manage to gain 2500 points in their first season and decided to replace a player, the team points will become 2,125 as a penalty from changing a member. This move is a great one since the players who had a sponsored team will remain employed for at least a complete season which is 6 months, giving them a stable position in continuing their career as a professional player.


Another thing is that they increased the number of participants to the Majors, instead of 16 teams they increased it to 18 teams where four teams come from Europe and China, three teams from SEA and CIS, and two teams from North America and South America. Plus there is a Wild Card stage where two from EU and CN and one from SEA and CIS will be given a chance to participate. More participants mean more teams will be formed and be able to participate giving lower tiers to participate and showcase their talents.


The six regional leagues will be operated by the following tournament organizers:

Europe Dreamhack

  • CIS         ESL
  • China      Perfect World
  • SEA        PGL
  • NA          BTS
  • SA          Dota Pit



With these details we would like to assess which teams will likely proceed to the Major Playoffs, these will be the teams who will take 1st place in each Regional League.



Team Secret is definitely a team worth considering being the top team in their region if not in the whole world right now. They earned the Esports Awards 2020 proving that they are the best team last year. They manage to secure 1st in 10 different tournaments last year alone.


Although the last two months last year things started to go a different way to the team, where they got eliminated by Team Liquid on two different events. Still, this season is different and they have all the motivation to take the spot.


The possible contenders are probably Team Liquid and Team Nigma as they manage to perform great last year as well. Not as great as Team Secret but still remarkable considering that Europe probably contains the strongest teams right now.




This is quite hard to determine as most teams in China perform really well, it could be any team that was directly invited by Valve for the Upper Division but more likely it will be Elephant or Vici Gaming. Both teams are definitely the best in their region right now and their skills are matched to the other regions' strongest teams as well.


The possible contenders in my honest opinion are LGD, the rest of the teams can perform great but not as strong to fit for the Major event.


Southeast Asia:

A great region to watch since most of the skills and talents are on the same level, we can easily see an upset every time in this region. The more likely team that might take the first spot for the Major Playoffs is probably Fnatic or TnC Predator, both teams are quite known globally for their talents and skills, chances of them taking the spot is quite high.


Still, as I mentioned earlier upsets regularly happen in this region and we could expect T1 to pull it off as they collected former players from the Geek Fam making it a strong adversary for the favourites.



North America:

Well, this is quite easy to predict considering that there are very few players who can actually compete against the strongest teams in the other regions. Evil Geniuses really shines in this region and there are no teams that are capable to compete against them, probably the biggest threat for the team is Quincy Crew and Sadboys.


Evil Geniuses are a great team, we all know that they also won the Internationals already and would want to get more.


South America:

They say that South America is probably the weakest region right now considering that none of the teams there manage to maintain on top, that being said it's hard to determine who will be able to take first place on this Regional League. Almost everyone is at the same tier level and they would probably have a hard time competing against other teams in other regions.



Virtus.pro is definitely a contender to be on top of their Regional League, a great competitor is probably Natus Vincere and Team Spirit.


It's quite hard to expect teams from the lower tier in this region to reach the Majors but with the new implementation of rules, there might be a chance for a new team to emerge.



These are assumptions and it will definitely change as time goes by, we might see a black horse coming from a different region and stomping some of the greatest teams right now so if you want to be updated with the latest insight for each Regional League then be sure to register on our website today to claim some free predictions!