European Super League: Will it still come?

European Super League: Will it still come?	 Image

The European Super League has been announced, and some people are not content. After all the polemics that this event has brought, will it still happen in the end, despite all the opposition it has?

It is uncertain whether the Super League will still come. Ten out of the twelve teams have retired themselves – so it is very unlikely that it will happen, at least this year. However, there are chances for it to happen in the future if the event is organized better.

Which were the founding clubs?

The founding included the Manchester United – team whose CEO and vice president, Ed Woodward, will quit after the end of this season. Other teams were Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea – all of which already announced their departure from the competition.

The remaining teams include the Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barça, Atlético de Madrid, Juventus, Milan and Inter de Milan.

How many teams will participate?

Although the first announcement revealed that twelve teams were involved in the creation of the competition, in reality it will have a total of twenty contenders.


According to what was revealed, fifteen teams will have a fixed position in the league. Before the teams quit the competition, only three teams were confirmed. The remaining five teams would earn the right to play in the Super League based on their performance from other competitions.

Moreover, the twenty teams would be divided in two groups of ten, following a format of “everyone against everyone.” There would be around 18 matches in total for each team, which would always happen before the weekend starts so the teams could have time to play in their respective leagues.

The top three teams would have an automatic place in the final quarters, and the other two places would be disputed in a playoff to decide the fourth and fifth places of the competition.


Too much about the schedule wasn’t announced, but we know that it would start in august of this year and would finalize in May of 2022. After all the controversy that the launch of this league has had, it is uncertain whether it will actually happen this year or somewhere near in the future.

According to the official announcement, the league would start “as soon as possible.” The directive team didn’t give an exact date. In the past, it was speculated that the league would take place in the 2022-23 season.

The Bottom Line

The main reason for the creation this league was to generate as much profit as possible from this league. In fact, the teams would acquire more revenue than what they’re currently earning in the UEFA’s Champions league.

According to an official statement, the clubs would receive €3.500 million destined to improvements in the infrastructure and to compensate the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, every team would receive a fixed quantity just for participating and a variable quantity based on their position worldwide – which would be divided into four levels. For instance, teams like the Real Madrid and the Barcelona would earn about €350 million, the triple of what the Champions’ current champion is earning.

Unlike other leagues, these games would be “next level” as they involve the best 20 teams in the European football scene. Smaller football teams would not be taken into consideration – which is something that has drawn back many people, including fans, players and ex-players.

Still, we have to wait for more news as most teams involved retired from the competition after the FIFA and UEFA imposed ultimatums and sanctions to some teams. Hence, the future of this new league is uncertain.