AfL Exlained and how to bet on Aussie Rules Football

AfL Exlained and how to bet on Aussie Rules Football Image

What is AFL and how the Assie Rules

Although this sport is hugely popular in Australian territory, most people outside those borders know little about how it works. However, it is widely known within the sports betting community.

There are 18 active clubs in the league. It is also known that an estimated The AFL averaged 4.2m viewers per round season people watching the game

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Essentially, the game consists in a Match where 18 player confront each other on the stadium. The games start on March and the Grand Final takes place in September, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

If you’re not familiar with the games rules, today we’ll talk about the essentials so that you can start with the right foot.

About Australian Rules Football

As you may have assumed, this sport is the Australian variant of football. Each team has 18 players, and the ball used is similar to the one utilized in American Football. This practice started in the XIX century.

This game is also known as “footy.” It is the most popular sport in Australia, as you may have assumed by the statistics written above. More and more people worldwide have become interested in this football variation.

The game’s main goal is to achieve more points than the rival team. It has an overall duration of 80 minutes divided in four quarters of 20 minutes each.

Throughout the time, this sport has become the most prominent sport for getting in Australia. Since its launch, it gained a lot of popularity within the sports betting community.


How to bet on Australian Rules Football

As with any other sports betting category, Aussie Rules Football has tons of ways of betting. We mention some of the most used worldwide in this section.


Head to Head

“Head to Head” is the most popular way of betting in the AFL, and the rules that are applicable to it are similar to the usual moneyline. Therefore, it is all about favorites (represented by a - sign) and underdogs (represented by a + sign).

Line Betting

Line Betting is another common concept used in sports betting with a different name assigned to it. It’s all about handicaps. Therefore, the teams will have a specific number assigned. They must win or lose by more or less points, according to what’s been assigned.

For instance, if Team A has -19.5, they would need to win by 20 points for you to take home the wager.


Similar to the Over/Under betting, in this category you’ll bet whether the outcome of the game will be higher than a particular number or less than the assigned points.

Margin Betting

Margin Betting is another hugely popular way if betting in the AFL. It consists of “guessing” the total points your preferred team will achieve the victory.

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The Bottom Line                                                               

We could go on with this section, but it would be pointless as there are more than 100 ways of betting in the AFL. Most of the concepts applicable for Aussie Rules Football are prominent in other areas of sports betting.

For instance, you could go for derivatives, proposition bets, live betting, and so on. There is a wide range of options when it comes to betting, so you can pick whatever suits you best or the bet you think more convenient.

Therefore, it would be best if you applied the same tips we’ve been giving in other areas. For instance, if you’re sure about a particular bet, it would be best if you did a thorough research in sports news sites, blogs and bookmakers.