How to Bet on Baseball – Basic Betting Tips

How to Bet on Baseball – Basic Betting Tips  Image

Although baseball betting is still part of the sports betting market, it works differently than other sports, especially football. A couple of runs can finish many games, so unlike football, spreads are unpractical.

Today, we'll explain multiple ways of betting on baseball. We'll be explaining wager types, some of the basic terminology, and how you can apply those terms to your bets.

It's indispensable for each punter to know how their bets work, and here we explain them straightforwardly. 

Wager types                                                                              

There are six wager types in baseball betting. One of the most used and essential bet types is the money line, but it works differently in baseball. Most of these bets already exist in other sports and adapted to baseball's rules and mechanics.

In this section, we’ll explore each one thoroughly.

About the “Vig” or “Juice”

Before we start getting started into the bet types, it’s essential to explain what the vig is about. It is a small percentage of the money you’ve bet that the sportsbook wins, especially when the favorite loses the game.

In most cases, sportsbooks will modify the line and try to "persuade" punters to bet for the underdog.

Money line

There are multiple ways of betting in baseball, but the "money line" is a crucial aspect you should get to know. This concept refers to the factor that establishes how much money you wagered and how much you won when you bet for either team (favorite or underdog).

Money lines are expressed positively or negatively. If the number used is positive, then that money line belongs to the underdog. The highest and negative number belongs to the favorite team’s money line.

We can summarize the whole money line concept into betting for the team you think will be the winner. This whole term can be confusing for new bettors, but it's easy once you understand how the numbers work.

As for the bets themselves, wagering 140 dollars on the favorite means, you'll risk that sum to win $240. On the other hand, wagering $100 on the underdog means you'll be able to collect $220 if they win.

About the Pitching

Pitchers are a crucial part of baseball. Sportsbooks build the money lines using the starting pitchers as reference. Therefore, the money line can suffer changes at any time if a pitcher is unexpectedly changed.

That being said, you can place different wagers based on the pitching. Sometimes, it is possible to place a bet as "action," which means the bet will continue to be active even if there's a change in the pitching before the game starts. Still, please note the payout will likely be distinct.

“The Run Line”

This term is the "point spread" baseball version. The run line can is expressed as a number beside the money line; for example, it may look like this: -1.5, -140. That means that particular team would have to win the game with two runs minimum for you to win the bet.

Additionally, you’ll be placing odds whenever you risk $140 for each $100 you want to win.

Betting for the Total

This option is available in sports like football, soccer, and basketball. You can place a wager depending on how will the total runs scored look like. For instance, if a game has a posted total of 9.5, there will be two possible outcomes. If team A wins with ten runs or more, those who wagered for the "over" will win. On the other hand, if that same team wins by scoring nine, those who bet for the "under" will cash.

Betting for the Total means you’re not placing a wager in a particular team, but for the total amount of runs that both teams will score throughout the game. The winner does not matter.

The first five innings line.

Te "first five innings" line allows you to place your bets on the first five innings' results. However, these bets work differently than the rest. Whenever a "tie" or a "push" happens, the sportsbook will return the money you wagered.

These bets also have different odds, which are often similar to those portrayed for the full game.