Iowa introduces new rules and online registration for sports betting in 2021

Iowa introduces new rules and online registration for sports betting in 2021 Image

In the past, Iowa only made it possible to access the sports betting market after registering in person. However, this was recently changed, and since January 1st of 2021, bettors can register online.

Iowa legalized sports betting, either in retails or via the Internet, almost two years ago, in August 2019. Before 2021, online sports betting people were obligated to create their accounts by attending any casino available in the state personally. Customers were required to do this after it was legalized –during the first 18 months after this happened.

This idea also included providing the Hawkeye State’s 18 licensed casinos with potential new customers within their reach. As of January 2021, the period expired, and now everyone can create their accounts via the Internet without attending any facility. This new addition will be a game-changer. Any person can register on the app of their preference and start betting immediately without attending a casino, which isn't profitable for many people, especially during COVID-19 times.

Some websites already confirmed they’ve started to accept new clients online, such as William Hill and PointsBet. Rush Street Interactive (RSI) also enters this list, although they’ve been here for less time than the previous sportsbooks.

According to Johnny Aitken, CEO of PointsBet USA, Iowa is a priority for the company. They will be working with the Catfish Bend Casino.

He also described a bit of what the PointsBet mobile app offers, including exclusive offers, prizes, features, and betting options. It also offers more bets than any other sportsbook in the U.S. and has been optimized for the local fans.

Richard Schwartz, president of RSI, also said some words on the matter. He said he was glad that remote sign-up was finally able. To summarize, he said that “this action was necessary due to the current difficulties, as punters now can have access to multiple betting options without leaving their homes.”

RSI is one of the most trusted sportsbooks that operates within the Midwest region and the U.S. in general. Many players rely on their services to keep enjoying their favorite games and hobbies.

What else changed?                                                             

Brian Ohorilko, the current administrator of Iowa’s Racing and Gaming Commission, is in charge of overseeing the regulations and rules applied to the casinos throughout the state’s borders. Therefore, it isn’t up to him to give more priority to particular providers over the rest. Still, he has seen potential in online wagering for licensed companies.


Since sports betting was legalized almost two years ago, at least eight providers have preferred to establish physical facilities. However, according to Ohorilko, at least a dozen sportsbook brands are expected to start operating within the state as the in-person requirement was lifted officially.

As usual, punters will be required to provide real and verifiable information while registering on the website. This data includes necessary information, such as name, email, phone number, address, birth date, etc. Websites will also require bettors to provide the last four digits of their social security number, similar to what you would be provided when opening a bank account –or fitting the in-person requirements.

It is expected to see significant changes within the next months in the sports betting niche throughout the Hawkeye State.

As of now, all punters may access different sports betting companies, granting them more flexibility when it comes to betting. Now they can choose what providers or books adjust to them, what others should avoid, and so on.

According to Des Moines Register, PointsBet would be the primary beneficiary of this new ruling. As mentioned above, they're currently working with the Catfish Bend Casino, located in Burlington and near Illinois, which has sports wagering legalized since some time ago.

Sports betting has changed a lot in the latest years, and now it has become trendy among the audience. In Iowa, something that has caught the customers' eyes is men's basketball, with some available opportunities during the following weeks.

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