Premier League 2020-21: Summary and How to Bet

Premier League 2020-21: Summary and How to Bet Image

The Premier League is the most important football league of England, often referred to as the English Premier League or the EPL. The competition comprehends 20 teams, and although football clubs from Gales are allowed to play, those from Scotland cannot take part in the tournament.

The premier league was established almost three decade ago, on February 1992. All 20 teams face each other as long as the competition is active, with one of the matches taking place at their home stadium. Therefore, the EPL calendar has 38 matches overall.

The EPL has its own classification, and the team at the top of this list is the champion. The latest three classified teams will descend to the Football League Championship.

Since its foundation in 1992, it has been considered as one of the most important football leagues worldwide for numerous reasons. Not only do they have a considerable amount of teams facing each other on the field, but also manage a substantial budget. Additionally, there’s a lot of competitiveness and rivalry between the teams.

Over the years, teams like the Manchester City or Chelsea have been hugely remarkable. We can also put under this category other teams, like the Manchester United and Tottenham.

How is the 2020-21 season playing out so far?

The current champion of the league is the Liverpool. This team won their first championship for the first time.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the season was delayed from its initial announced date (August 8) and actually started on September 12. It also marks the second time that the league uses the VAR. All games are being played without public due to safety concerns, but the staff and personnel are still present limitedly. Still, the prime minister announced that the major football stadiums would reopen to the public starting on May 17; however, they will only hold a capacity of 10,000.

You can find the full schedules and future matches on the Premier League’s official website.

As of now, the table of positions looks like this:

  1. The top team is the Manchester City, with 77 points accumulated and has won 24 of the 33 games they have played.
  2. Followed by the above club is the Manchester United, with 66 points.
  3. The next is Leicester City, with 56 points.
  4. The fourth team is the Chelsea, which has accumulated 55 points.

As the league is still going on, this chart may change in the future. Please, stay tuned to see the ongoing changes!

Betting on the Premier League

English football is a bit different than the rest. Each football league has something characteristic, and what characterizes the Premier League is that it is straightforward and hugely rapid when it comes to moving the ball.

Therefore, if you wish to bet on the Premier League, the first step you need to do is to get familiarized with the type of bets available in this niche, and then conduct your research.


You’ll need to do a lot of research, as with all the other niches. What’s often recommended is to take a look at each team and particular players’ statistics. Considering other factors – such as the weather, you may have a clearer idea of what to do.

Furthermore, there are numerous types of bets for the Premier League. For instance, you have the well-known over/under, future bets, and even the Halftime and Full-time Bets, which consist in betting for a particular score that’ll happen during the halftime and then in the full-time. Both of them need to be correct in order for you to take the wager.