Premium Betting Tips: Are They Reliable?

Premium Betting Tips: Are They Reliable? Image

There are tons of tipsters round the web that are making a profit out of giving their advice to bettors of all expertise levels. Some of them claim to provide “premium betting tips,” but you should know that not all the information they provide is genuine. Hence, how do you know that a tipster is providing you with good advice?

What is a tipster?

A tipster is a person or group of people behind a blog or a website dedicated to sports betting. They dedicate a considerable part of their time to providing advice to bettors, regardless of their level of expertise.

If you think you don’t need a tipster, you’re wrong. Even the most experienced and successful bettors rely on advice from other people from time to time; hence, it’s not a bad idea to start following them. However, please note that as mentioned above, not all tipsters are good.

There will be people who will claim to have “premium betting tips” with the only goal to squeeze as much juice as possible from you via the monthly fee they charge for accessing this information. We say this because you’ll rarely find a tipster that provides their advice for free – hence, what you should do in this case is to learn how you can identify a trustworthy tipster.

Where do you find tipsters?

You can find tipsters literally anywhere around the web. There are some around social media, but others run blogs on different platforms. As blogs are not that frequented anymore, you’re more likely to find them in social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

You can also find tipster around the web, via forums, ads on sports betting sites, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

About finding tipsters in social media                                                             

This is not as good as it seems. Yes, they are in abundance, but not all of them can be trusted. For instance, there may be people who post certain results and may delete them whenever things don’t go their way. On the other hand, people may be offering to sell you game “results,” which are, indeed, fake.

Furthermore, some people will try to take your money by telling you that they made more than a thousand dollars by wagering one or five dollars. Although it is possible, it’s one of the biggest challenges you can face, even If you’re an expert. Therefore, it is a way you can automatically know that these people cannot be trusted.

How do you identify a good tipster?

It can be hard to find a good tipster, but not impossible. Here’s you can do it.

Research and analyze the information they provide.

If you’ve found a tipster that catches your eye, the first thing you should do is to identify whether they’re consistent with their information they provide against what actually happens. It’s recommendable to go through their whole timelines and compare their record to what has actually happened in the sports betting scene.

What factors should you take into account?

There are three main factors that every person should take into consideration when they try to analyze the information provided by a tipster: the strike rate, the profit and the loss.

The “strike” rate refers to how accurate their betting tips have been throughout time. Then, you can compare this information to what they claim is their “profit” and see whether they’re telling the truth or not. Remember that some people may forge this information; hence, it requires a deeper research to discover what’s really happened.


Tipsters are excellent and decisive on how much you can make in the sports betting scene. Hence, you should learn how to identify them if you plan to use their advice in the long term.