Sports betting to be legal in another seven states in 2021

Sports betting to be legal in another seven states in 2021 Image

While sports betting is already possible in states like Virginia and Washington since 2020, other states seem to be advancing regarding this legalization. This list now includes Maryland, Louisiana, and South Dakota states, where this niche will become legal in early 2021.

As the New Year already came, it is expected for more states to become part of this list. Therefore, the other 12 states can accept these operations within their borders.

Still, here are the states you should be keeping an eye on this New Year, as it is very likely for progress to happen:

New York

In New York, sports betting is legal. However, you can only place wagers at retail sportsbooks, which had accumulated a few million dollars in revenue since last year, when it became legal. However, online or mobile betting can help "boost" the economy and put New York in the first place for the USA's most lucrative market.

Multiple news websites have stated that New York can legalize online betting operations since it will be a focal point this New Year.

Although this hasn't been possible in the latest two years, with the new administration, it is possible for sports betting to be allowed online this year finally.


As for Connecticut, it has only two casinos available. It is very probable for this state to approve legal betting, as many lawmakers have stated that “it’s already done but a deal.”

It is possible to find sports betting deals in Connecticut's two casinos; the only thing that's left to make it possible is legalization. However, it is unknown how many operators will be allowed to work within the state's territory as it may significantly affect Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos.


As for Massachusetts, efforts were made in 2020, but none of it seemed to have made any progress. People believed that this state would be along Rhode Island and New Hampshire in New England’s ranking for states with legal betting, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible.

Some key details about the legalization have not been sorted out now, but the change is still possible with Gov. Charlie Baker and the Democratic-controlled legislature.

The discussion about whether betting on college sports should be legalized as well has arisen some controversy. Division I universities are against it, and other possible limitations are on the go. For instance, it is possible for Massachusetts casinos to "regulate" the operators.

Still, there is a lot of support regarding this decision, so it’s just a matter of waiting and see what’s happening. Still, it is uncertain to say when these changes will happen.


Ohio, similar to Massachusetts, seemed to have entered the "legalization" list last year. However, no significant changes were made, and now we have to wait for another year to see if anything happens.

The current administration seems to be highly supportive of this legalization. Still, crucial questions such as how many licenses will be granted and who will regulate the sportsbooks remain unanswered.

Despite that, it is known that sports betting will become legal in Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia once the new administration takes over the government in 2021.


There were legalization attempts in 2020, but none of them were successful. The COVID-19 pandemic limited the legislative session for this year, delaying the correspondent discussions regarding bets.

Similar to other states, some of the issues to be discussed include tax rates, for example.


It is unknown whether Arizona will allow online/mobile betting this year, but some progress will be achieved this 2021.

It seems that, for Arizona's Native American casino operators and the current administration, a retail-only approach seems to be more accessible.


Texas is currently the second most populated state in America. This state can legalize sports betting, as it has shown interest in the past decision.

Proof of this is why some casino companies hired lobbyists to "boost" commercial casinos' creation in the state for 2021. Still, it is very likely that people from this state, especially Austin, may be interested in wagers as they are currently struggling with budgeting issues.

No major news was reported in early January, but it's a matter of time until announcements are made.