Turning €10 into a small fortune within 3 months

Turning €10 into a small fortune within 3 months Image

Let’s begin this article by saying that the perfect betting system does not exist. This fact is also applicable to sports betting.

However, there are particular plans you can implement to your betting life that may work for you. This plan is known as the “1/10” system. Although it is not as trendy as many other strategies, it can help you achieve great results within a few months.

This system consists in starting with as low as €10 and finding 1/10 shots. If you won every selection that would mean you could earn as much as €50,000 within the next three months. Although finding 1/10 shots may be hard at first, you should know that football games are the most profitable sport for this technique.

We know that 0-0 matches are extremely common. What you should do in order to comply with the system is to avoid these scorelines.

For instance, let’s say you’re going for the next English Premier League season. It may have about sixty-nine matches, five of which will result in a 0-0 scoreline. Although there are low chances for a match to end up in that particular outcome, it’s not impossible. Your aim here is to use football matches were 0-0 scorelines are the rarest but not the impossible.

If we assume the price for over 0.5 goals is 1/10, and you find a different game every day that does not end up in a zero-zero scoreline while having only €10 on your pickets, that would mean you’ll have about €180~ during your first month.

It’s not impossible to find games with this particular price!

It may be challenging to comply with this system, but it’s not impossible.

You must keep yourself focused; it won’t be easy to go through three whole months without selecting zero-zero draws. You can also try to test the system for a few days, and see how it turns out for you. After that, you can begin applying it at its fullest now that you’ve acquired more practice.

Basically, all you have to do in order to comply with this system’s needs is to avoid zero-zero draws at all costs. Not only this can make you win a whole lot of money, you will do so in only a few months! Achieving the same amount may take you years if you tried to do it using traditional means.

Although this system is mostly recommended for football, you can try and apply it to different sports if you think it’s going to work. Remember you’re not risking a lot of money, you’re only using €10.

Still, please consider it may be stressful to predict what games will not end up in such draw, especially in football leagues. However, if you’re familiar with the sport, it won’t be hard for you to foresee the results and grab the most favorable match.


This system may be complicated at first glance, but it’s easy to implement and you can enjoy a big profit you can use for any purpose in the end.

If you do not achieve the expected results, you don’t have to worry. You are not risking too much money, and it can be fun to try multiple times. This system is not as popular as many other betting systems, as it was first started during the first two years of the last decade.

If you would like to start trying this system, we recommend waiting until the nearest football league starts. It will help you a lot and you will have plenty of time to have it figured out.