UEFA Euro 2020: Group Stage Betting

UEFA Euro 2020: Group Stage Betting  Image

The UEFA Euro 2020 has already begun. After being postponed for more than a year, the tournament finally started on June 11, and it is scheduled to finish a month later, on July 11.

As the competition is already ongoing, multiple sportsbooks have multiple odds and bets available. International soccer tournaments are often hugely popular due to the many betting opportunities that the sportsbooks and bettors can have.

The information mentioned above means you have multiple opportunities when it comes to betting in the UEFA Euro 2020. You can already know whom the favorites are, and start placing your wagers!

Favorites for the Euro 2020

As per usual, sportsbooks have already made the list of favorites available. Lists may differ from a website to another, but they all have the following teams as favorites, in different places based on their criteria:

1.      France

France is the overall favorite, based on the odds published in multiple sportsbooks. Let’s not forget that France was the winner of the 2018 World Cup, but can they maintain such a good streak after being paired with strong teams like Portugal and Germany? We are yet to see how things turn out for France.

2.      England

Next up, there is England. Their strongest point for this season is Harry Kane’s comeback, who was the Top Goalscorer in the 2018 World Cup. However, their spot is in danger as during that same World Cup, Croatia was paired against them and made them lose the opportunity of obtaining a place in that year’s final. Now that England is in the same group as the previously mentioned team, will things be different?

3.      Belgium

Next up, there is Belgium. According to the FIFA’s world rankings, Belgium is the currently the best team in the world, and they’ve been at the top of the ranking since they finished third place during the 2018 World Cup. However, two of their star players, Kevin De Bruyne, is still under treatment after suffering a facial injury during the Champions League final. Axel Witsel also suffered an injury. However, De Bryune is very likely to get back to the team after the match against Russia.

4.      Portugal

Portugal has had a remarkable performance in multiple tournaments; the Euro is not the exception. As they were champions in the latest edition of the tournament, they are defending the title this year. Plus, Cristiano Ronaldo is still one of their strongest points!

5.      Germany

The fifth favorite is Germany, although it is also their last with Joachim Löw, their current manager. However, their latest performance hasn’t been the best, so their results can be bittersweet. Still, knowing that Germany won the 2014 World Cup, there is more to hope here.

What should you bet for?

The season has just begun, which means you can already begin to make your bets. You can either wait for more results to show up. More than the “group stage” betting, there are also many other bets to consider, such as the lowest-scoring team and those that’ll not advance from the group stage.