UEFA Euro 2020 – Most yellow/red cards

UEFA Euro 2020 – Most yellow/red cards Image

Yellow and red cards are one of the most essential parts of any soccer or football game. The Euro 2020 is not the exception. Also, you should know that it is also possible to bet for the yellow and red cards that teams are most likely to receive throughout the duration of the competition.

The Euro 2020 started on June 11, a year and a half after it was postponed due to COVID-19 related concerns. However, as the competition is back, multiple markets have already made available and you can already start making your bets.

This article will give you a glance at how the yellow and red cards have been given to the teams throughout the seasons.

Quick facts                

  • Averagely, at least four yellow cards are expected to be issued in every match. The ratio for the last four Euros has been 4.23.
  • Similar to the previous statistics, the ratio for red cards is about 3.75.
  • The Euro 2004 has been the worst tournament in regards of discipline. With only 31 matches, six red cards were issued, and an additional of 156 yellow cards. During this same year, Greece was the team that received the most yellow cards, with 18.
  • Comparable to this, the European Championship with the most yellow cards is the 2016 edition. With 51 matches, there were 205 yellow cards issued and three red cards.

Teams with the most yellow cards

Throughout the Euros, we’ve seen numerous teams receiving yellow cards. Red cards are rare, but not impossible and may be issued from time to time.

  • In the latest edition of the Euros, North Macedonia was the team that received the most Yellow Cards, with 36. The team also received one red card.
  • Followed by North Macedonia, Hungary and Slovakia where the second and third team with the most yellow cards, with each team having 25 and 22, respectively.

Teams with the most red cards

Red cards mean that the player must be sent off, and is unable to participate in the competition. Hence, this is the main reason why discipline is one of the most important subjects as the players keep training.

  • The first time a red card was issued was in the 1968 edition of the Euro, when Alan Mullery (England) was sent off. Since then, 39 red cards have been issued in this competition.
  • Yugoslavia is the team with the most red cards of all, with four.
  • Followed by Yugoslavia, we have the Netherlands, Russia, France and Bulgaria sharing the second place as each team has accumulated a total of three red cards.

What should you bet for?

There is plenty of room to choose from, but you can make your bet based on previous results as the story is most likely to repeat. Football is one of the most predictable sports, which is one of the main reasons why it is so popular among the bettors. Remember that you have less than a month to start making your bets as the competition is scheduled to end on July 11!