UEFA Euro 2020: Outright winner betting – Favorites and Odds

UEFA Euro 2020: Outright winner betting – Favorites and Odds Image

After being postponed for almost a year and a half, the Euro 2020 has returned after the issues with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have weakened in the recent months. It has been announced that the tournament will start at June 11, 2021, and will finish a month later, in July 11. Curiously, the tournament still has “2020” on its name despite being celebrated a year later.

Who are the favorites?                 

As the tournament is back, that means you can already choose the team you’d like to be for the outright winner. Certain things have already been determined, for instance:

  • France is the overall favorite, as their odds remain at 9/2 at SkyBet and at +475 in DraftKings. France has had an excellent start, let’s see if they can maintain this good streak throughout the season.
  • In the second place, there is England, with 11/2. In DraftKings, their odds remain at +600.
  • The third place is for Belgium, team that has 6/1. DraftKings has published Belgium’s odds, which are +750.

These odds are taken from two different sportsbooks, SkyBet and DraftKings. Therefore, changes are possible and this section is subject to changes based on the outcome of the tournament during the following weeks.

On the other hand, the three “underdogs” of the season are Finland, Hungary and North Macedonia. These odds for these three teams remain at +50000 at DraftKings. Will they be able to have a “rush” and hangout with the top teams?

About outright bets in the Euro 2020

Outright bets consist in placing wagers on a whole tournament instead of single matches or games. Typically, sportsbooks publish the odds before the competition starts. However, other bookmakers make it possible to bet while the events are still ongoing.

As it was mentioned above, the odds are subject to changes as the teams are eliminated and change positions throughout the tournament.

Who will win the Euro 2020?

Although it is a bit early to decide who will be the winner, there are strong candidates given the recent results.

Going for the favorite is the safe choice, and with France being the “lead” team this year, it is no different. This time, the French team has equipped itself with excellent youngsters and noteworthy veterans.

Next up, we have Belgium. This country has had a bittersweet history throughout the latest decade. Although they’ve been able to reach “high peaks,” this is only followed by a defeat that makes them unable to win a tournament. This new generation has yet to see how it feels like to hold a trophy. Furthermore, their only time at the quarterfinals during the Euro was in 2016, only to lose before Wales.

After Belgium, Italy seems to be one of the main favorites within the group of “favorites.” They have demonstrated an excellent performance in their latest matches, and considering they have won about 27 matches straight, betting for them to be the outright winner may not be a bad idea.