UEFA Euro 2020: Top 4 to Finish

UEFA Euro 2020: Top 4 to Finish Image

The Euro 2020 is already here. This tournament has been postponed for about a year after the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole world during the first trimester of 2020.

As the first matches have already been celebrated, the sportsbooks are already speculating about the teams that will be among the best throughout the whole season based on their opening performance.

As per usual, eleven countries will face each other in the field. This time, they will be disputing the Henri Delaunay Trophy. This isn’t the only price that will be awarded at the end of the ceremony, there will also be a few players that will take home the Golden Boot and the finest individual will become the Player of the Tournament.

What is “top 4 to finish” betting?

Top 4 to Finish is a type of betting mostly used in the English Premier League. Thus, it is very unlikely for most sportsbooks to make it available for the Euro 2020, although the odds for the Premier League top four have already been published in most bookies, even if the tournament hasn’t started.

Usually, these types of bets are published some time before the actual competition starts. So, the overall result may differ to what your predictions are based on how the teams play throughout the season.

What are the top teams in the Euro 2020?

Even if there is no “top 4 to finish” betting available in the UEFA Euro 2020, it is possible to bet for the outright winner. Below you can find the list with the four favorites of the season, based on how well they have been doing before and after the season has started.

The overall favorite is France, followed by England and Belgium in the second and third place respectively, and Spain at fourth, based on SkyBet’s odds. Other sportsbooks, like DraftKings, have placed Italy at the fourth place instead of Spain, which remains at the seventh place on their list. However, both lists have something in common: their “top three favorites” remain the same.

1.      France

The overall favorite of the season is France, whose odds remain at +475 at DraftKings. Although going for this team may be the “safe” option, there are multiple motives why a bettor would want to stay by France’s side throughout the season. The team’s layout has changed and now we can find excellent youths and remarkable veterans.

2.      Belgium

Followed by France, we have Belgium. This team hasn’t had too much luck in the latest years as they’ve been often reached a “high peak” only to fall down. For instance, their first time during the quarterfinals at the Euro 2016 wasn’t especially noteworthy as they lost to Wales, disappointing hundreds of fans.

3.      England

Last but not least important, we have England. Although this year the team may have it rough, it seems that they’re going in the right path and we may see a different outcome this year. Thus, they have become the third favorite in multiple sportsbooks.