UEFA Euro 2020: Top Goalscorer Predictions

UEFA Euro 2020: Top Goalscorer Predictions Image

After being postponed for over a year and a half, the UEFA Euro 2020 is back. With that, multiple markets have already made available, which means all bettors can already begin to make their bets based on what they think will be the overall outcome will be.

There are tons of bet options available, but the most popular ones include the outright winner, which refers to the team who will take the first place and the trophy home, and the top goalscorer.

Today, we’ll explain a bit about the top goalscorers through the history, and how this market is going for the current tournament.

Top goalscorers over the years

It’s already possible to bet for the top goalscorer for the UEFA Euro 2020. As you may know, every year after the competition is over the Golden Boot is awarded to the player that scored the most goals during the tournament, although certain guidelines are followed. For instance, penalties scored during penalty shoot-outs are out of the question. The rules followed here are the same for the World Cup.

There are Silver and Bronze boots for the 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. This new addition started in 2012, year where Fernando Torres, from Spain, took the Golden Booth home with three goals plus one assist.

AS of now, Michel Platini has the title with the player with most goals, after scoring nine goals in the 1984 season. In the latest decades, France’s Antoine Griezman was capable of achieving six goals, the closest a player has been to breaking the record.

Who are the favorites for this year?

The favorites for the top goalscorer during the Euro 2020 are taken from the top three teams in the season, which happen to be France, England and Belgium. Overall, most rankings put Romelu Lukaku of Belgium as the top goalscorer for the season.

  • First, we have Romelu Lukaku, of Belgium. As of now, Belgium is the best team worldwide based on the FIFA rankings. Will he be able to keep up with a good performance throughout the tournament?
  • Next up, there is Harry Kane from England. Kane earned the title of top goalscorer during the 2018 World Cup. Still, during that same tournament, the team lost its opportunity of reaching the finals due to a loss against Croatia.
  • Last but not least, there is Kylian Mbappé from France. France is the overall favorite of the Euro 2020, with many sportsbooks putting them in the first place. It is important to note that France took the 2018 World Cup home.

Who to bet for?

All the options mentioned above seem to be safe choices. It seems that Romelu Lukaku is the top choice for most bettors, especially because most sportsbooks have already published the odds for the current season.

It is possible to bet for Lukaku or any other player already, based on the availability of the sportsbooks. Some of them may allow bettors to place their waters at the beginning of the season, while others may only allow it before the season starts. Other bookmakers allow you to place wagers in the way.