William Hill now offers mobile sports betting in D.C.

William Hill now offers mobile sports betting in D.C. Image

William Hill is one of the most prominent sportsbooks, and as of now, it gathers millions of customers every year. It is currently one of the top books in Washington, D.C, for legalized sports betting.

However, as of 2020, it had no online presence. Although some advances have been made, an online presence was not possible –and somehow, it is "widespread"- until changes were announced during the last week of 2020.

Although it is now possible to bet online via William Hill, those interested in doing so must be near the Capital One Arena, a place where people can find William Hill's retail book. It was announced that the mobile app would function in a two-block radius. It won't work inside any other building.

According to the D.C. law, an "exclusion zone" is available for providers at pro sports venues. Customers can access only the platform or network associated with that particular operator within the radius.

Caesars Entertainment bought William Hill, a British-based sportsbook, in November 2020 for a total of $3.7 billion. Later, in July 2020, the operator made available their retail spot at the Capital One Arena.

As of early 2021, it is expected for the operator to offer full sportsbook services. The Capital One Arena is home to the NBA's Washington Wizards and the NHL's Washington Capitals.

In October 2019, William Hill and Monumental Sports & Entertainment –a company known for being the owner of the already mentioned teams and WNBA's Washington Mystics- entered an agreement. William Hill is now the exclusive sportsbook partner for the said company.

William Hill is the preferred option among bettors.

Numbers don't lie, and William Hill has experienced highly positive revenue in the latest year. According to a report, Gambet's considerable difference was the second-most preferred option for bettors and William Hill.

Only in November, the Sports Betting market generated $3.61M in revenue.

There’s a vast difference between GamBetDC and William Hill and is that Gambet offers more flexibility when it comes to online availability. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, punters prefer going on a trip to Capital One Arena.

District of Columbia reported $17.6M, and William Hill produced a significant part of that revenue, accounting for $13.7M. You can find the report here.

As it is evident, it's sure to assume that bettors are consigning more substantial wagers via William Hill rather than GamBetDC. It was reported that, in November, the average bet at Capital One Arena was $105.40. On the other hand, the same report revealed that GamBetDC had an average wager of $34.36.

William Hill’s retail location at Capital One Arena was not available to the public until July 31. Still, it was possible for them to surpass GamBetDC, even if the latter accepted the first bet nine weeks earlier.

The reports also revealed that William Hill accepted a higher number of bets than GamBetDC. The former accumulated over 457,000 wagers, while the latter only accepted about 424,000 bets. It is also worth noting that GambetDC’s platform is Intralot.

Overall, November statistics revealed that William Hill’s average bet was $108.03. On the other hand, GamBetDC’s average wager was $34.05.

It is currently possible to access William Hill in eight states across the USA, including the following:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia

Caesar Entertainment’s William Hill Takeover

This change was one of the most prominent ones for William Hill in 2020. Both companies approved the deal in November, and since then, Caesar's implementation has been one of the company's main tasks. It seems that this new year will be significant for William Hill.

This event is not the first time Caesar Entertainment was involved in such a big takeover. That same year, in July, Caesars acquired Eldorado Properties for $17 billion.

Still, thanks to Caesar Entertainment, William Hill has access to more markets throughout the United States. This factor is one of the primary aspects to take into consideration given William Hill’s success.

William Hill continues to operate in 12 in the USA, and the company operates a racebook in Miami. It is expected to see such positive results in 2021, especially after their odd incursion into "online" wagering.